“What’s become clear from my years of using Slack at work is that it is, first and foremost, a tool of corporate surveillance. Slack stands for “Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge,” after all.” Journalist – Monica Torres After MDO: Ephemeral messaging is the key to privacy. In MDO only people in the same … Read more

“When I come in I used to check my emails. Now I wake up, open my phone to sort through a huge amount of conversation threads.” Twitter User After MDO: Stop distractions and get some rest: this is when ‘Eureka’ moments happen. MDO will never have phone notifications, because they are disruptive to remote teams.

“Because conversations in Slack happen on a one-way conveyor belt, our team began feeling like they had to stay constantly connected to keep up. This style of communication was especially problematic for a remote-first company like ours. How do you stay in the loop when earlier topics have already been discussed and are buried by … Read more

“Applied to Slack, its greatest strength: amazing ease-of-use, is also its weakness: making it far too easy for everyone to default to using Slack for communicating, even for all the myriad of things that don’t make sense to use Slack to communicate,” Software programmer – Alicia Liu After MDO: Before we used to have threads … Read more

“[U]sually they have no idea on what’s going on and how to do this. This results in them using it as an instant messaging platform.” Time Is Ltd. CEO – Jan Rezab After MDO: Staying connected is a challenge for large companies. By using MDO you will stay connected in a meaningful way by moving … Read more

“I’m constantly asking if my actions contribute to my overall goals at my job. Talking to coworkers an hour a day on Slack is not bringing me closer to my goals.” Productivity blogger – Darius Foroux After MDO: You do not need to chat about what you are doing when everyone can ‘see’ progress and … Read more

“If you are the only remote worker in a large in-house team, it can be tricky to integrate yourself in company culture and be visible to management. This can affect long-term prospects if not managed correctly.” Digital Marketer – James Rice After MDO: Where you sit matters. It determines who you mingle with, and how … Read more

“Watercooler serendipity can inspire the next big idea. In-person communication is better suited for “shower thoughts” and unplanned ideation. Some people refrain from sharing ideas in Slack..” Remote CEO – Ryan Hoover After MDO: One-click meetings in a virtual space are key to recreating that special ‘Watercooler serendipity’.

“When people work in offices, they leave at the end of the day. Sure, they may take some work home with them on occasion, but they physically remove themselves from their workplace.” Careers – Abdullahi Muhammed After MDO: You can virtually leave your online office space. The visual queue of your avatar leaving, signals to … Read more

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