Conference mode

The team at My Digital Office is dedicated to giving customers the most hassle free and easy to use online interactive spaces. 2d skeuomorphic spaces have been shown to reduce distractions and increase enjoyability (when compared to more complicated abstractions). We are pleased to announce our release of 'conference mode'.

Conference mode allows event planners to create a space, which has a time limit, a custom event landing page, and custom conference UI for attendees. In this post we will discuss the basic details of running a virtual conference in My Digital Office.

  1. Turn on conference mode.

In the 'settings' tab, if you are an admin, you will see a toggle to turn on conference mode. This will create a new tab in the left sidebar.

2. Set event details.

In the 'conference' tab you will be able to set event details, duration, and custom fields for your event landing page and banner.

When the event ends, all non-admin users will be removed from the space. If the event is public, any user with the event landing page can sign in to join the event, while the event is running. If it is not, you will need to 'add members'.

You can limit the UI for attendees to reduce distractions by selecting bare-minimum.

This is what an event attendee will see in bare-minimum mode.

3. Landing page

No virtual event is complete without a custom landing page! After you save your event. You will be given a custom even page URL.

Date is set to users' local time.

The countdown timer will countdown the seconds to your event's start. Once it hits 0, all can click 'Join Now' to join in the event.

To cancel the event you can either go back into the 'Space' tab, and untoggle the conference. Or you can set the event time to an hour in the past and duration to one hour, to close out the event.

Dead simple, effective, and extremely interactive. Try a My Digital Office virtual event today! Use the link below for the conference specific layout.